blue jean baby

I just washed a solid load of jeans.

I don't remember the last time I washed a solid load of jeans since I left home.

Growing up, I thought jeans had to be washed with jeans (like with like) AND I though you could only wear a pair of jeans once before they had to be washed (oh, that is true...). But in my family, that's how it needed to be. My dad is/has been a builder, a rancher, a construction worker, a farmer... the list goes on as to what he does. He doesn't work a typical office job. And would never want to. Add in my two younger brothers who have followed his lead, and you get very dirty jeans. Lots of solid loads of jeans. Well, our life isn't quite that way. Our jeans are washed with our colors because we don't go through that many and we don't own that many. Jeans are expensive and well, to be honest, we are bigger than we'd like to be and we don't like to buy "big clothes." So one or two pairs is all we own (with the exception of the girls-oh how I love to buy them clothes!)

My mom has great taste. And loves to shop. And has in the past year or so whittled down to about nothing. So I came back from this trip to Arizona with an additional checked bag full of jeans. Jeans for myself. Size 6ish jeans that would fall off my mom, but fit somewhat nicely on myself. Name brand, expensive jeans.

I gave my mom a shirt I bought on clearance at Old Navy. It made me look pregnant, but flattered her quite nicely.

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Matt and Megan said...

Kelsey~ Just FYI size 6ish jeans really can't be considered "big clothes"...~ megan