a look back

yes, i've been bad.

and i wish i could say i'll be better.
but i'm not sure i will;).  life is busy.

so here's what's been going on around here these past months.

turned 7 back in september.
got her ears pierced.
loves loves loves 2nd grade.  and is doing great.  already whippin' out multiplication facts on us.  (7x6=... anyone?)
was her class's first student of the month for responsibility.  then forgot her homework folder at home the next day.
played soccer again.  and shocked us with her competitiveness...
had her first dance recital in both ballet and tap.
has lost all 8 front teeth.

turned 5 just before halloween.
is learning all the letter sounds in preschool.
loves playdates.
received a *target* american girl doll from santa.
also had her first dance recital.
blew us away in soccer.  although she's not as competitive as the one above.

just as lovable as ever.  and naughty.
still working on night-time potty training...(any advice?)
after much prep about what to ask santa for-he went his own direction and asked for a squirt gun.
santa brought him a nerf gun (and he was plenty pleased).
finally got a haircut.
and no longer in nursery.  now a sunbeam.

oh, my not-so-much-of-a-baby-anymore kellen.
loves cars.  loves them.
says very little real words.  (cars is one, as is movie-as in "i want to watch the cars movie.")
got his first haircut.  glared the entire time.
will eat cereal consistently.  everything else...anyone's guess.
has to buckle his booster seat every time he gets down from the table.
loves to wear shoes.  anyone's shoes.

3 happy thoughts:

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Your babies are adorable!!

Danelle said...

Oh my gosh Kesley, they are all so adorable! And grown-up. Here's my night-time potty training advice. You just have to wait. Sometimes, a very long time. There's really nothing you can do until their bodies are physiologically ready. Until then, they literally cannot make it all night. I don't think it's uncommon for boys especially to be 5 or 6 before this happens. Probably not that helpful, was it? :)

Mandi Buchanan said...

Your babies are so pretty and your pictures are awesome!