my fours

My friend Danelle over at OUTNUMBERED challenged me to this.  I thought it was very creative.  So here you have it, my fours.

1) School - Everyday.  Except Saturday and Sunday.  I pick up Marryn every afternoon (I'm so lucky as Joe takes her...while I'm still in bed, sleeping;) and twice a week I take Reganne to and from her little preschool.   
2) Sonic - I hate to admit it, but I usually head there about 2-3 times a week.  During Happy Hour.  I get a Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper with lime.  The kids, if they're lucky;), get a small slush.  But I'm trying ease up though, especially after Reganne drew me a Happy Mother's Day picture at church, of me and her driving to Sonic.
3) Church - And speaking of Church, I am usually there twice a week.  On Sundays (obviously) and Wednesday nights for our Youth's Mutual.  
4) Super Target/Costco - I had to put both of these in here.  I visit both stores once a week.  It helps that they are just minutes from our house (well, actually, so are all my places)

1) A baby - Nothing, NOTHING beats the smell of a baby.  Nothing.
2) Old Spice deodorant - Yes, this is Joe's deodorant.  I love it.  More than him I think.
3) Rain - Ah, rain...
4) Evergreen - As in pine trees, mistletoe, etc.  The smell of Christmas. 

These aren't really in any order.  It just depends on my mood and what I feel like watching.

1) Friends - Yep, still going strong on that one.
2) HGTV shows - Especially Sarah Richardson's ones.
3) White Collar - It's a good mystery/solve it show, without all the gross stuff.
4) Community, The Office and Parks and Recreation - I know, that's technically three shows, but they're all on together, so I'm bundling those ones;).

I have lots of favorites, these are just what comes to mind right now.

1) Knotting Hill - A long time favorite...ah, the memories...
2) The Holiday - Maybe I just have a thing for *English* movies;).
3) The Incredibles - Probably my favorite Disney/Pixar movie still.
4) Despicable Me - One of the funniest and most random movies ever.  At least I think so.

1) Pray more.
2) Play more.
3) Worry less.
4) Eat more fruits and vegetables.

2 happy thoughts:

Danelle said...

I got a chuckle out of Regannes mothers day picture. Cute!

Kim said...

So I totally love this!!! I read it quite awhile ago, but you know, It was one of those deals where you read it quickly and tell yourself you'll comment later :) One of these days I will catch up my blog and do this.