Reganne's hair is identical to mine.  
All my life I've been told that it'll curl up more if I were to cut it, take off some of the weight.  
By keeping it shorter, the curls loosen.  If I want the ringlets, I need to give it some length.  
And now that we've cut Reganne's, we see the same thing.  
I love to see *parts* of me in my kids (they are very few).  
She also has my incredibly chapped lips.  
All. The. Time.  

And Marryn's hair.  
I cut those side sweep bangs myself after her actual haircut.
Not too bad if I say so myself.  
I love her hair.  
I love blow dying it.
I'm so glad she didn't get my hair.

2 happy thoughts:

BandB Eyes said...

So cute!!! I love it!

Kim said...

You cut Reganne's hair!!!! How will a forgive you....lol! I guess since you've dealt with it your whole life you don't want to deal with it....but it was SO beautiful! It's still cute because she is adorable....as is Marryn! It's funny because I couldn't seem to ever have long hair growning up, so I am partial to long hair....lol.