another girl, another birthday, another party

Well, not really another party, but it sure looked like it;).
Just days before the big day, little miss Reganne informed me of this:

She wanted a Mulan birthday.
She wanted streamers on her doorway.
She wanted her friend Cassidy to come over.
She wanted to *unwrap* gum.
She had her gum privilage taken away and was getting it back on her birthday;).

Oh, to be four again...

She had a pretty big day nevertheless.

Woke up to streamers covering her doorway and the table all decked out with *Mulan* colors.
Got the inspiration from her Mulan doll's dress.  Although we couldn't find the actual doll...
Had her big Halloween party at preschool where she got to wear her costume and share some cupcakes.
Talked to her favorite cousin Maylee on the phone.
Her friend Cassidy came over and played.
Grandma Jean came over.
Opened one super-doper fun present.
Had her last soccer practice, kids vs parents.
Went to Panda Express for dinner (had to keep with the *oriental* theme).
Opened some more presents, including yes, a package of gum.
Had Happy Birthday sung to her.
Blew out a candle.
And enjoyed her 4th rainbow chip cupcake of the day.

I *think* she had a good 4th birthday.

6 happy thoughts:

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Just found your blog and fell in love with it :)

Kim said...

She is so beautiful! You did a great job! Once again, I wish you would move closer so you could do my kids birthday's! I love the presents, and the cupcakes are awesome! Where do you get these ideas? Also, that is a really good picture of Joey's Mom!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Another wonderful birthday party! All the touches are wonderful and the girls look just so happy! Well done!

Angi~Mistress of Mayhem said...

Hey, Kelsey!
Just stopping by to tell you that I LOVE the Matt & Kim song (cameras). I've got your blog open so I can listen! :0)

Have a great day!

The Lepetich Family said...

So Cute!! I can't believe how big they are getting!! And they are beautiful! You did such a awesome job on both parties! Miss you guys!

momentsthattakeyourbreathaway said...

You have the best eye for cute and adorable parties (I love your tea party too for Marryn), projects, and redos- I'm so impressed and inspired! You're family is so lucky!