maggie holmes actions

Maggie Holmes is one of my most favorite scrapbooker and photographer. And she has the coolest actions that you can purchase, but until recently, they were mostly all just for higher end Photoshops (re. expensive;) But last night I checked her blog and there it was, she was looking for testers to test out her actions on Photoshop Elements! Oh, was I ever excited! I made a comment, hoping to be chosen as a tester (re. free action set;) but really just excited that the actions were almost available to me. Imagine my surprise this morning when my name was drawn to be a tester for her Color Mix Actions! Yippee!
For the photo I decided to first run (I ran a few), was this one of Christian. It was taken on a very bright sunny day and yes, once again, I had the wrong light setting turned on. I was so bummed because it was so cute and I can't get him to keep on his sunglasses anymore. I LOVE the results. I kept everything at 100%, except on the SunKissed-decreased red 0% as recommended. I'll probably go back and redo some, adjusting them them a little, but for these purposes I just wanted to show them all at 100%.

SunKissed ("decreased red" 0%)


5 happy thoughts:

Ashli Dardenne said...

Nice job!!!! First, your photos are great. Second, your work in Photoshop is awesome. It also helps that you have the cutest photo subjects.

G'Ma Jean said...

congrats on being choosen as a tester - you just might be making another career for yourself (that is besides being a wife/mother!).XO

Kim said...

You are definetly cut out for this. I am so clueless when it comes to photos. I thought your orginal photo looked great. How fun to play with your photos. Good job!

Kent and Katie said...

ooohh...I love the Antique, I just like what it does to the colors of his shirt! What a ridiculously cute cute kid you have!

Amparo said...

Very cool!!! Sunkissed is my favorite. The Antique was is really cute too. It really looks antique!