Christian turned 9 months on Easter.
Wow. Where does time go?

He had his Well Baby Check-Up last Thursday. No shots! Yeah. Especially for Marryn...(?) Anyhow. Everything looks good, other than the hint of pink eye he still had.... (That's him waking up that morning-he was happy at first, than just annoyed that I wasn't getting him out-and yes, I sat him up-can't get up by himself yet.)

Weight-18 lbs, 5 oz (25%)
Height-28.25 (50%)
Head-17.75 (50%)

He eats about a half to a full jar of food a day (getting better at it-even ate his peas the other night!) and is still nursing quite a bit. That seems to be his favorite;). He does like his new Gerber puffs though. He sits really well and rolls all over when he's down, which usually happens when he leans too far forward to get something. His first tooth came through last week without any issues but now his second is coming up and it's a whole different story. Can't tell if he's sick or if his tooth is really bothering him. Saturday night he woke up around 1ish (this, unfortunately, is currently usual for him) but this time he just would not go back to sleep. I nursed him, tried rocking him, even just let him cry it out (of which he screamed for about an hour) before getting up with him. So we sat down in our big chair and watched TV. And he was perfectly happy with that. I laid him back down around 6ish (which is usually the second time he gets up at night-grrrr) and he finally went to sleep. And ever since then, he just hasn't been himself.... Other than that though, he is such a good, content babe. Just hangs out on the floor with us, chews on his toys, pulls out his wipes, started to wave (just a little) and is trying to clap. The girls just adore him and often fight over who gets to "play" with him or sit by him or whatever.

And his laugh. Oh his laugh.
It's has to be one of the sweetest sounds...

4 happy thoughts:

G'Ma Jean said...

I can't wait to smooch him! XO

Amparo said...

I think he and Reganne could be twins. Both absolutely beautiful! Makes me want a baby boy.

Laura said...

Oh he is adorable!!!! Such a cute noggin (not huge like Taran's!)

I go back to Scotland about every 2 years - it used to be every year, but with the kids, it's a bit more complicated (and expensive) to travel - seats for the kids - they get their own with car seats installed, of course - gear etc!

We are going back this September for 2 weeks - Logan will be 4 and Taran will be just over 1 - hopefully they will both sleep on the plane!!!

Kim said...

He is so stinkin' cute! He really is such a good baby! So content, so quite, not really sure of me :) (I think Reganne is the only one that gets me, she'll be your wild child :) Love that baby boy!

I did finally take Madalyn in for her 15 month check, at 16 months. whoops. She weighed 18 pounds, but the good news.... She is exactly one inch taller than Christian. I'm feeling pretty good right now :)