two weeks

Well, it's been officially 2 weeks since we moved into our new home. Things went really well. LSI, Joey's company was relocating him, so they paid for almost everything (realtor fees, closing costs, points on our new mortgage, moving expenses, etc...). It really was an incredible blessing for us. And I really liked having movers not only move our stuff, but pack it all as well. The three packers showed up at about 8am on the Tues before our move and were done, packing all our stuff by noon. It would have taken me a week to do what they did. Of course they were not as picky about "where" stuff was packed. Our basement stuff is that biggest mess. We haven't unpacked it yet, but have had to open just about every box looking for odd things we needed. Then on Wed, the movers moved everything out into a big semi truck. Joey and the girls slept on the floor that night, while I bunked over at Brian and Brandony's on their futon. It was the best sleep I've had in a long time! Then that next morning, Thursday, Marryn went to her last day of Preschool and we started finishing up last minute cleaning when the rain came. Then the wind. And hail. We didn't have a clue what was going on until Brian called us (to ask us to check on Brandony because she had left her phone in his car). Tornadoes. A tornado had just ripped through Windsor. And other tornadoes were touching down around us. We were suppose to be at our house's closing, but with the storm, couldn't get our cars loaded up. So we just sat tight. Later we discovered that the cell that hit Windsor went right over us (explains the marble and golf ball hail we got), but no tornado touched down on us. We did see big trees ripped up and power lines down around us, but nothing too major. Although Joey did witness a wreck at a downed stop light. But we made it out alright and by that night were in Colorado Springs. We stayed in a pretty crappy hotel (we thought we'd have to pay for it, so we went on the cheap; turned out the relocation was covering it...too bad). They tried to stick us in a smoking room, and as Joey tried to explain that he did NOT ask for it, the receptionist kept arguing that he requested it! With his pregnant wife and 2 young kids with him. They moved us, right next to the smoking rooms...oh well, it was only for the night. The next morning we did our final walk through of the house and then went on to the closing. Things went smooth and our movers showed up with our stuff that afternoon. Only a couple things were broke; the girls small white table and 2 plastic tubs. Not bad. We'll get reimbursed for them. I secretly wish more stuff was broken though...I don't know what it is about a new house, but it just doesn't look right to put old, run down furniture in it. Although last night we did go buy a new TV. Nothing too huge (40inch), but definitely nicer then what we had (24inch). Now we need a new entertainment center because it's too big to fit into the niche....

Well, slowly but surely things are getting unpacked and put away. I've only got 5 more weeks before the baby comes, so I really need to get a move on. This house isn't really too much bigger than our last one, but we sure do have more room! I just love it! There are a few quirks here and there (our master bath doesn't have an exhaust fan, only a window; our garage entry door into our home has already put a hole into the neighboring coat closet door; my free washer is really small; etc) but overall, every night I sit down and look around, just so amazed that we live here! The house is so beautiful! I never imagined I'd live in a house so nice so soon. I dream about my dream home all the time, but it was always just a far off dream. This isn't my dream home, but it sure is a dream come true!

2 happy thoughts:

megan said...

I am so glad that things went smooth for you. I hear ya on the movers issue. We had the same thing and they got done in two days what it would have taken FOREVER to do ourselves. The best part was they unpacked us too. So we still had to organize but the important stuff was already out. I hope you get all the things you need to feel "ready" for the new baby. We are anxiously waiting to hear all about him. ~ Megan

rachael said...

This is so exciting! We're actually moving in a couple weeks to our first home as well (Ohio). Congrats! A great accomplishment.
I think I remember better now. You and Joe were an item, always together. But for some reason, I didn't remember your face as well as his. Dan and I weren't even dating yet when you were engaged.