yeah. today is over!

I have been dreading this Sunday for about a month and a half now.

Yes, we were asked to talk.

Not too big of a deal for Joey. BIG deal for me.

But it's over.


4 happy thoughts:

Matt and Megan said...

Oh Kelsey I know exactly what you mean. I always dread the "talk" day. I am sure that you did an amazing job and hey you survived. Hope all is well~ Megan

The Michel Happenings said...

Kelsey, you did a GREAT job on your talk. When we were walking this morning with the walking group, we said what a good job both you and your husband did!

The King Family said...

I bet you are so relieved and I bet you did a great job. I loved your last post. It was so cute! You are such a cute, little Mom!

Emily said...

Yes, job well done! And funny when Reaganne yelled mommy. Loved it.