preschool is in full swing now.
and if you're counting, this is year 3 for her.
we had thought about trying to get her into kindergarten this year,
but in the end, felt much better about keeping her where she should be.
she'll be one of the oldest (and tallest) as she goes through school,
but that will be a good thing.
just means she'll be smarter, more mature, and more athletic.  right?
regardless, she's where she will do best.
she thrives when she is confident.

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

She is so beautiful! You'll be so glad you waited to send her to school! It is so nice doing homework with Wyatt vs. trying to get Maylee to pay attention long enough to get her to do her homework....but a lot of that could be personality too :)

Emily said...

Look at that pic of her, then look at the pic of you on the side bar. Twinners! You are both beauties!

Kim said...

Update Lady! Surely you have something!
LOL! Miss you! Still working on Steve for Thanksgiving.

Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

your pictres are so amazing! You were one of the first "guest post" people I did almost a year ago! (right when I started the blog) It's been a while and then I saw you on Remodelaholic and I was like OH, I know her!! and had to stop by and say hi again.

Bless you!!! What a blessing you have with all your healthy beautiful kids - the bobble head video was priceless.