so.  just got back from my much anticipated hair appointment.
i usually head into the aveda salon about 2 times a year.
yes.  i make my haircuts last.
but this time i was literally fighting back tears as i drove home.
i walk in and marryn, first thing, says, "i don't like it.  why didn't they just trim it?"
and she's the one who told me earlier she likes my hair shorter.
but then all the commotion of me being gone for an hour took over...you know, anxious poopy baby, kid covered in hives...
later, reganne comes up and asks if i like my hair.
i say, "not really."
she says, "i don't really either, but i still love you though" and gives me a hug.

thanks sweetheart.
i needed that.

2 happy thoughts:

LeighSabey said...

I bet it's beautiful! Plus, if you think it's too short, that means you can go longer before the next cut, right? :)

Kim said...

Where is the picture? I think it's really cute! Haircuts are always a shock at first. You really can't go wrong with your hair...it is beautiful long or short!